What Is Bone Density?


You have heard about bone density or bone mass. But do you know what it is or what it means? The article will show you some basic information about bone density.

What is bone density?

Strong bones are important because they provide support to the whole body. They made up a frame for muscles, tendons, organs to grip. Bones also the factory that produces red and white blood cells.

Bone density shows the amount of mineral in your bone.

How to test your bone density?

A bone density test, also called bone mass measurement, is a test performed to measure your bone health. The result shows your bone density. And then doctors will compare it with the bone density of a healthy person. By taking this test, you can know if you have problems with your bones:

  • The result can help doctors determine if you have osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, your bones are more likely to be broken.
  • The test lets you know your risk of getting fractures.
  • Or the test can check if the treatment for osteoporosis is working in your situation, or your response to the treatment.

Bones density test uses X-rays to measure the amount of calcium in your bones. The most common parts that are tested by bone density test are hips, spine, and forearms. Bone density test is easy, painless and fast. It is mostly done in the hospital although some tests can be done in the drugstores.

When is bone density test recommended?

Your doctor may recommend you to take a bone density test when:

  • You lost height. If you lost about 4 centimeters in height, bone density test may be suggested. You may have fractures in your spine and the cause may be osteoporosis.
  • You have a broken bone without getting injuries. When your bones are more likely to be broken, a strong cough or sneeze can damage your bones.
  • You are taking some certain drugs. Some types of drugs such as steroid medications can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Your hormone levels suddenly drop for unknown reasons. Some treatments for cancer can lower the levels of hormones in your body such as estrogen and testosterone. Drop in sex hormones can lead to weakened bones.

Low bone mass and osteoporosis

The result of the test will help your doctor decide what treatment is suitable for you. Doctors may recommend you to keep good habits such as eat more foods containing vitamin D and calcium; do sports such as walking or jogging.

Low bone mass

Low bone mass is a condition in which the bone density in your bones is lower than normal level but not low enough to be osteoporosis. Although not all people with low bone mass will develop osteoporosis in the future, you have an increased risk for that disease.


If your result shows that you are having osteoporosis, your bone density is extremely low. Your bones are more likely to be broken, even with a small shock.

Bone density is an index providing the information about your bone healthy and your risk for bone injuries and disorders. To measure your bone density, doctors use bone density test. Then doctors will base on the result to help you treat your condition or prevent it from happening.

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