Sex Positions for People with Low Back Pain


Having chronic low back pain can take a toll on your sex life. It’s hard to get in the loving mood while you are in constant pain. But your sex life is just as important as any other aspects of a healthy relationship. Don’t let low back pain ruin your intimacy with your partner. Here’s are some sex positions for people with low back pain:

The mQUAD1

The mQUAD1 is a version of the doggy style. In this position, the woman uses her elbows to support her upper body. This position is suitable for men who experience intensified low back pain when they touch their toes or if they sit for too long.

The mQUAD2

This is another version of doggy style. The different between this position and the mQUAD1 is that the mQUAD2 requires the woman to support her upper body with her hands. Research suggests that this position puts less pressure on the spine of men with low back pain.

The mMISS1

The mMISS1 is a version of the missionary style. In this position, the man uses his hands to support his upper body while the woman slightly bends her hips and knees. This position is also more comfortable for those with a spine problem. It does not worsen pain caused by moving.

The mMISS2

The mMISS2 is another version of the missionary style. The difference is that the man uses his elbows for support and the woman’s hips and knees are bent a little bit more. Although this position is probably not the most pleasant one for men who experience pain when pulling their spine forward, it may greatly help those who have difficulty arching their back.


You may have heard about this position under the name spooning or sidelying. As the name suggests, in this position, the man and the woman both lie on their left sides. The man should be behind the woman. The hips and knees of both of them should be bent. This, however, is the least favorable sex position for men with back pain because it’s not very easy on the spine.

Advice for women with low back pain

Until now, most studies about sex and low back pain focus solely on men. More research on women is needed to find out the best positions for women with low back pain. In the meantime, scientists have some tips for women do deal with low back pain while still keeping the heat of their relationship:

If a woman has back pain when they reach their toes or when they sit for too long, they should use positions that do not require them to bend their spine such as spooning.

If a woman has back pain when they arch their back, they should use positions that do not require them to extend their spine such as missionary.

After all, the best thing you can do is probably to follow your instinct. Don’t be too stressed out about the right position because what works for a person may not work for another. Besides, each person’s low back pain may react differently to a position. Therefore, if it doesn’t hurt, just do what feels right at the moment.

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