Kinesio Tape: What Is It?


It is hard to ignore colorful tapes on the skin of athletes in sport games on TV. Have you ever wondered what they are or why they stick those tapes to their body? Follow the article, and you will have your answers.

What is kinesio tape?

Kinesio tape is an elastic tape. Kinesio tape is thin, light-weight. Kinesio tape is made up of cotton and medical grade acrylic, so it is safe for most people. Kinesio tapes come in different colors. Rolls and pre-cut strands are available.

If it is applied properly, you may not feel it on your skin.

Kinesio tape is easy to use. You tear the back and then stick the tape to your skin. Kinesio tape is water-resistant so you do not have to remove it before taking a bath, doing exercises, or going swimming. The tape can stay on your skin from 2 to 5 days until the corners begin to peel away.

What is the theory behind?

Kinesio tape is invented based on the thought that your body can repair or heal itself if you provide it with proper supports.

What is it used for?

Kinesio tape is used to relieve pain both physically and mentally.

Physical effects

When you apply kinesio tape to your body, your skin will respond by being lifted. The space created between the skin and the soft tissues underneath will improve the lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Natural lymphatic drainage helps lymph nodes destroy bacteria, viruses, and other exotic objects. A good blood supply helps your body work better.

Kinesio tape can also provide support to the muscles, stretch and strengthen the muscles. Studies have shown that strong muscles in the back, or neck, shin, thigh, or other parts of the body can reduce pain and instability, as well as avoid further injuries or future damage. As muscle spasms can lead to pain, Kinesio tape reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles.

Mental effects

What you think can affect what effects a treatment can take. Colorful kinesio tapes make you feel more confident with the treatment and think more positively about your problems. They are not only effective, but also fashionable. They make you special.

What to think about before you choose kinesio tape?

Although kinesio tape is safe for most people, you should think carefully before you take it. In rare cases, the tape can irritate patients with sensitive skin, or certain health conditions.

However, it is worth trying when other treatments are old. Remember to talk with your health care providers. They will help you choose.

You also need to ask the therapist who will apply the tape about his or her experience and level of training.

How to apply the tape?

The tape can be applied to your body by yourself or a therapist. But a therapist is highly recommended. Because he or she knows how to apply the tape correctly. It is easier to do it at home but you may not know where to stick the tape or you may not be able to locate the exact area (such as neck or back).

Before you apply kinesio tape, you should clean your skin and remove significant hair to avoid pain when you remove the tape. If the tape gets wet, you can dry it with a dry towel.

Kinesio tape can be easily applied to your body to relieve pain and regain physical functions. If you think about this treatment, you should discuss carefully with your therapist. If the option is suitable, have a professional apply it for you.

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