How to Choose a Good Kinesiology Tape?


Have you seen colorful kinesiology tapes on television and you want to try it to improve your movement? Before using it, we should learn how to choose the most suitable kinesiology tape for your condition.

Get to know what types of kinesiology tapes are available

Kinesiology tapes are colorful, light-weight, and thin. The tapes are mostly cotton and can stick to your skin. Kinesiology tape has various styles and sizes that can fit a variety of body sizes, skin types and medical conditions. There are products that can be used by yourself or by health professionals. There are two main types of kinesiology tape, including uncut rolls, pre-cut strips.

Uncut rolls

Uncut rolls come in various lengths and widths: single rolls and bulk rolls. Single rolls are shorter than bulk rolls. While single rolls are suitable for home users, bulk rolls are suitable for therapeutic clinics, hospitals, and other people who employ the tape a lot. Using uncut rolls is the most economical way. However, you have to spend time following the instructions.

Pre-cut strips

The kinesiology tapes are cut by the manufacture. You do not have to spend time cutting them. Pre-cut strips also require no measuring or designing. They have various sizes and shapes (such as X, Y, I, and fan). They are convenient and portable. You can easily apply specific types to specific parts of your body. However, they are more expensive than uncut rolls.

What brands you can choose

There is a wide range of brands. Brands such as Ares, Kinesio Tape, PerformTex, Rocktape, or SpiderTech provide uncut rolls. Brands such as Kinesio Tape, Nasara, StrengthTape, Kindmax provide pre-cut strips. Each brand may have a different instruction. You can also ask your therapist about suitable brands and where you can buy them. Also, consider the price before you buy because using kinesiology tape for a long time gives you a better result.

Which parts of the body you want to apply the tape

Kinesiology tapes can be applied to several areas of your skin. These areas include neck, back, shoulders, hands, wrists, arms, elbows, calf, thighs, knees. Kinesiology types can also be used for pregnant women to relieve nature pain. You can apply the tapes to ease swelling and edema. When you stick overstretched tapes to your skin, your skin can create a reaction. This can promote blood and lymph flows.

Kinesiology tape is known as an effective non-surgical treatment for various conditions. Getting to know the types of the kinesiology tapes or what brands that are available can help you choose a good one.

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