Kinesio Tape for Athletes: A Big Help


You may have seen colorful tapes applying to the arms, legs, or backs of many volleyball players or runners. Have you ever wondered what they are, or what they mean? They are kinesio tapes. These tapes may be a big help for these athletes.

The different types of kinesio tape

Kinesio tapes are different from other already known tapes. Most other straps are non-elastic. They are wrapped tightly around the affected muscles. These straps can restrict your movement.

Kinesio tape is thin, light-weight, elastic, and comes in different colors. They consist of cotton, and medical acrylic, so you can easily stick them to your skin. They are soft and able to stretch so they can completely be applied to your body, as you want.

Why kinesio tape?

Kinesio tapes are thought to lift your skin fascia, or other soft tissues, allow the flows of blood and lymph. They can be used in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries or as a preventive.

It is quite easy to make use of kinesio tape. If you are an athlete, you can use them continuously to relieve pain because they are water-resistant and drug-free. You do not have to spend too much time on applying them, you just need a therapist to stick them for you. They can stay on your skin from 2 to 5 days.

You have to practice all days. Your body may sweat too much so you need a pain relief method that can be used while you are active. Kinesio tape is ideal.

Furthermore, in a sport team, the tape is almost a part of the sport you are doing, a uniform, or a kit.

Can kinesio tape be overused?

Sometimes kinesio tape, often thought as a trend, is overused by so too many people despite the knowledge of its true effectiveness. The importance is that you should understand your pain and your treatment options. You should discuss the suitable types, the techniques or the time of the tapes attached on your skin with a therapist. If kinesio tape causes some changes to your muscles in a negative way, then it is not fit for you.

Kinesio tape, which is mostly used among athletes, is a new treatment option for pain relief. They can bring to you both physical and emotional effects. The tapes can support your muscles and bring about positive effects.

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