7 Ways to Relive Back Pain Naturally


You may experience back pain at some points during your lifetime. Sometimes, it can be serious: your back is painful that you cannot remain your daily activities, or your legs are numb. In these situations, you should go to the doctor first. However, not all back pain conditions need a prescription. You can improve your back pain naturally.

Relieve morning pain

When you get up in the morning, your back pain may be much serious. You may feel painful and stiff and cannot even sit down.

You can try to put a heat compress under your back when you lie down with your face up or on your back when you lie with your face down. The heat can help warm up your muscles, relieve stiffness, and enhance the blood flow to your back considerably. However, do not use a too hot compress; it can damage your skin tissue.

Do laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is a type of yoga that helps people improve their health condition by laughing. When you laugh, your body intakes more oxygen, reduces stress and produces more endorphin (the hormone that helps relieve pain naturally).

In addition, laughter yoga is a mild physical exercise. You can take it up if other exercises are too exerting and painful for your back.

Get massages

You can get massages regularly at home or at any health center. Massages help reduce stress, let your muscles relax, and encourage your body to produce more endorphin. You can consider getting a massage on a table or on a massage chair. This depends on your need. All you have to do is to relax and leave the therapy to relieve your back pain.

Change your sleep position

Sleep position can affect your back pain condition. Some positions can increase pain, some decrease. Thus, you should try various positions to find out what is the best for you. Particularly, sleeping with reclining position may help. You may also try to sleep on a special chair or a comfortable bed for better support.


In modern life, it is common that you sit at your desk all day working or studying. However, do not keep the sitting position for too long. In every 20 minutes, you should stand up and stretch your body in the  back or legs and arms. Mild exercises can be good choices. They do help relax your muscles and warm up your body.

Keep strong muscles

When you have back pain, it is important to keep your muscles strong. Strong muscles, such as hip and pelvis, give better support to your back.

For serious back pain, seeking medical treatment is the best choice. However, most cases are not serious that using natural pain relieving remedies is worth trying. You can see your pain is improved by taking those ways above.

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