Why People May Feel Suicidal?


Suicide, kill yourself, may occur when you are in extremely stressful situations. Many people kill themselves every year due to many reasons, such as the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job. Everyone may have suicidal thoughts at least one time in their lives. So why people may feel suicidal? Let’s see potential causes if this tragedy.

What are the causes of suicide?

People can be suicidal because of many reasons. The most common cause is the feeling that one can’t deal with the problems. They are overwhelming do not have the ability to solve them. This makes people feel hopeless for the future. They may think their problems cannot be solved and no one can help them. In these situations, people will come with the idea that death is the only way for them. The problems may be easy to solve for other people, but it is too big for them.

What are the risk factors?

In addition, a combination of other factors can increase the risk of being suicidal:

  • Having a family history of suicideHaving physical abuse, mental abuse in the past,
  • Trying to kill themselves before, Having a mental disorder, especially depression, post-traumatic disorder,
  • The loss of loved ones Having feelings of hopeless, worthless, sadness,
  • Alcohol or drug abuse,
  • Serious physical diseases such as cancer or chronic pain,
  • Living in the area that has a large number of people who die by suicide,
  • Unable to access mental health treatment.

What are protective factors?

Protective factors that decrease your risk of being suicidal are:

  • Effective treatment can treat mental illness, chronic pain, or chronic diseases,
  • Supports from your family or friend,
  • Supports from others to help you solve the problem,
  • Living in a cultural environment in which suicide is discouraged.

It is normal if you have the idea of suicide sometimes in your life. The cause and risk factors may include your health condition and other situations that you have to experience. Remember the cause and avoid suicidal thinking.

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