What Should You Know About Lung Cancer During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, there are many changes taking place in the woman’s thorax, so it is difficult to identify small masses or tumors during pregnancy. Minor blocks in the lung may be confused with normal changes due to pregnancy. In addition, lung cancer tumors in pregnant women are usually larger and more advanced at the time of diagnosis than tumors in women of similar age who are not pregnant.

Treatment of lung cancer for pregnant women

Pregnancy does not make it difficult for treatment for lung cancer. Nowadays, the prognosis is no different between pregnant and non-pregnant women. This relates to the initial manifestation: it is the young women’s cancer, which is generally more invasive and is usually slightly slower.

Treatment is provided by specialized cancer physicians and gynecologists and is based on the stage of pregnancy, cancer and tumor size. There are many indications of chemotherapy, but not the same, but in stages. Physicians must accept this therapy on condition that pregnancy monitoring should be followed.

Lung cancer detection during pregnancy is needed for pregnancy suspension?

In case of early detection of lung cancer, pregnancy termination problem is posed. This may become necessary if emergency therapy is to be prescribed, as this indication can cause the embryo to become infected as it is at the stage of congenital malformation and congenital deformity.

If the mother still wants to keep pregnant, there are two options: Wait until the third trimester (beyond 12 weeks gestation) begins to use chemotherapy. Or be temporarily satisfied with the surgical intervention and wait until the calving is complete and begin additional treatment. When you are in the middle of pregnancy (at least 4 months), the physician can be more comfortable because it is possible to specify traditional chemotherapy

In the last 3 months, surprisingly, pregnant women with lung cancer tolerate hormone therapy much better, do not vomit, overall health status has remained little changed. Chemotherapy should stop 2-3 weeks before delivery and 2 to 3 weeks after delivery.

The impact of lung cancer treatment on the fetus

There is always concern about all medicines used during pregnancy, but no studies on the effect of chemotherapy on the fetus and newborn. Therefore, the physician used a retrospective approach to approach the risks and benefits.

Initial results indicate that there are no serious short-term problems, only temporary effects on infant blood status, no long-term studies in these infants, and the need for longer studies with children affected by drugs in the womb. Of course, it would be expensive, difficult but feasible.

There is also not much information on taxane as chemotherapy during pregnancy and mechanism of action, it is not known that the drug is harmless to the fetus should not be used for pregnant women. Fewer patients also make research difficult. You need to be well advised by gynecologists and oncologists.

Lung cancer is a common disease in women and has a high mortality rate if it is not detected early and treated. The disease usually develops faster in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. However, this disease can be completely cured if detected and treated early. Therefore, self-examination during pregnancy should be done more than before pregnancy. If the woman feels lumps or feels pain in her lung, she should see a specialist immediately for a diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment.

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