To treat your liver disease, you have learned that you need a proper diet and lifestyle change along with your medications from your doctor. Did you know that positive thinking could also help your liver heal? Let us explain how positive thinking can help.

The mind and body are linked

Most of us have heard about the connection between health and happiness, people with a damaged liver can benefit from a positive thinking. Stress, anger and depression all tend to make liver diseases worse, those with liver diseases have a lot to gain by working towards a happier life. But it’s hard to apply that knowledge to yourself if you have a liver disease.

The University of Toronto researchers interviewed 300 women who have overcome liver disease for at least two years. They asked the women what they’ve done to prevent its return. Sixty percent of respondents believed a positive attitude kept them healthy.

Happiness comes from the gut

Eating good food doesn’t just make us full and give us energy. It can give us happiness as well. The stomach and intestines have more nerve cells than the entire spinal cord. A network of nerves runs directly from the brain to the digestive system, allowing messages to flow in both directions. Serotonin, a hormone in your body, is sometimes referred to as the happy hormone. Surprisingly, 90 to 95 percent of the body’s serotonin is found in the digestive system – not the brain. So our emotional happiness goes beyond the mind.

Living happily ever after

Positive emotions can improve health, but Harvard University scholars said that positive thoughts might need a long time to see results. So filling your head with positive thoughts for a week or a month is not likely to cure you of liver disease. Nonetheless, learning to transform the way you perceive your life and cope with stress could play a major role in preventing liver disease.

In order to help people learn how to be happy, experts have described the following ways:

  • Create good feeling– In any situation, you have to be active in seeking pleasurable emotions and improving your mood, as long as the methods you take to feel good are safe.
  • Control your activity – Research shows that people get the highest level of satisfaction when pursuing activities that require complete concentration.
  • Gratitude – Being grateful for what you are having now. Feeling of gratitude is a positive feeling that can lift your mood and avoids straying to negative thoughts.

Studies have shown how the power of positive thinking can be a useful tool in overcoming the fatigue of liver disease. There are many other ways to practice positive thinking that you might discover along the way. Over time, positive thinking becomes a habit that is beneficial to the mind and will improve liver health.

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