How To Support Your Family Member With Hepatitis


The fact that your family member is living with hepatitis affects not only themselves but also your whole family. Therefore, it is important that you know how to support them in the right way so that they can manage their feelings family issues as well.

Listen to them

Your family member with hepatitis may feel and think as if they have no one to understand what they are suffering. The easiest way you can support them is just being there, next to them. You may express that you are still caring for them, that you are always willing to listen to them with love. It is enough for them to get the needed boost to go through a tough day.

Help them deal with side effects

Medications used in hepatitis treatment may have many unwanted side effects. Some common ones are fatigue, irritability, depression, headaches, fevers, and body aches. Also, you can feel it harder to help them deal with their social and psychological side effects than with the physical ones. However, such complications are temporary and they will go away after finishing hepatitis treatment. If your loved one tries to hide what they feel during treatment, there may be problems. Encourage them to openly talk with you so that they feel released then. This is also a chance to find out how your loved one feels and then you can help deal with it. You should remember not t expect too much from the person undergoing hepatitis therapy, especially if they are not sociable. In case they don’t feel comfortable to talk with, you can encourage them to join some support groups in your local area.

Ask their doctor if they experience depression

You need to notice any signs of psychiatric problems during hepatitis treatment that your family member is receiving. If there is any, speak to a doctor. A doctor can give the diagnosis and provide them with appropriate treatment. In fact, the time for the treatment to become fully effective can last from 2 to 8 weeks. If your loved one can’t wait for the results, encourage them to stick to the treatment until the medications start to work, or to talk to the doctor about alternatives if there seems to be no improvement.

Prepare their favorite foods

Hepatitis itself and treatments can drain your loved one and make it uncomfortable to eat. However, if they can’t eat enough to maintain their weight and strength, it can badly impact their condition and their overall health as well. Therefore, you need to provide them with carbohydrates for most of the daily calories.

Whenever your family member wants some easily digestible foods such as toast and applesauce, let them eat. You should also encourage them to eat what they like in order to boost their appetite. It is suggested that you have the foods they prefer on hand

It is important to know the right way to support your family member besides alone caring them with love. This can help them feel better, fight bad feelings and negative thoughts, and stay healthy during and after hepatitis treatment.

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