How to recover after liver transplant


Finding a liver donor is hard. There are times you might think that you could not find a suitable donor and wanted to give up but a miracle happened. If you think life is hard when you have liver disease, well having a liver transplant is just as challenging. By following the right method and keep a healthy lifestyle with the transplant team’s advice can help you be a new healthy person.

You need to follow medications and have checkups regularly

After your liver transplant, the body’s immune system will recognize the transplanted organ as a foreign object and attempt to protect your body by rejecting it. That’s the reason why there are usually complications following a liver transplant. A good advice is, follow the doctor’s medications and come to the hospital for checkups periodically. Besides, you should contact your transplant team whenever any sign of complications happened.

Beat fatigue with a combination of diet and exercise

After the transplant, it is suggested to have a diet with as much vegetables, fruits and whole grains as possible. Other than that, you need to improve protein consumption with fish, lean meats and eggs. The doctor advice is to avoid trans fats and raw foods especially uncooked seafood, sugary food and alcohol. Moreover, your physical therapist can give you an exercise program, which is suitable for your health. The interesting thing about this program is that it had increasing difficulty over time, which is easy for your healing body. What you can get from exercising is a fit weight as well as improvement in the muscle movement after the surgery. This combo is very necessary for any liver transplant patient because it helps prevent the risk of infection and strengthen your health.

Staying positive by relaxing and participating in social groups

You might feel very lonely, stressful and depressive after the transplant. But you should know that your body and mind is connected and feeling weak mentally can make you very weak physically. to feel better, you can join in some social group to get help from people who have been in your situation. The group encourages positive thoughts and power. You can also participate in a volunteer group for helping people who have liver disease like you and orphan children or the homeless. Helping other can make your life more colorful and meaningful. It will help you balance your stress and thought and be more responsible. So, be positive and self-motivated, you will recover more quickly.

Finally back to normal life

Returning to normal life as soon as possible can help you feel more capable. Start with some simple things such as household chores, cooking, going to the supermarket and then start going back to work. Of course that can take lots of time, but you should be patient. You should not stay in bed too much and try to leave your bed as soon as you can.

Of course you could always ask for the support from my family and friends. But the most important thing is your commitment to getting better.

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