How to get support from your family and friends


Living with liver disease, you may feel alone or helpless. You should know that you have friends and family who are willing to help. It is important to get support from your family and friends. Don’t feel you need to fight your liver disease alone. We can help you understand the importance and how to ask for help. It can help you heal faster, mentally and physically.

Why getting help from family is important?

Family and true friends are the most important relationships you have in life. They are people you can count on to help through difficult times. Besides helping you with everyday activity, they can help boost your mood.

When you talk about your emotions, you get a different perspective on the situation and able to sort your own feelings. Talk therapy can also reduce stress and release tension. Studies have shown there is a link between your mind and body, particularly your liver. When you have a healthy mind, your liver is able to heal properly. The first step is to understand you need help then being able to ask the right person for help. Family and friends are perhaps the most obvious choice because they can understand you the most.

How family and friends can help?

Your family and friends can help you with daily activities such as house chores, buying groceries and reminding you to take your medications. After liver disease treatment, especially surgery, you will need to rest and limit certain activities as well as have a new diet for your liver. Sometimes treatment for liver disease introduces new challenges. Your friends and family can help you create a plan to manage these challenges.

Your family and friends, with the help of the medical team, can be the one taking care of you during treatment and recovery. Keep in mind that your family and friends may not know what you need. They may sometimes be overprotective or neglect the things you need the most. It is important to always keep good communication. Don’t feel like you are a burden. They are not there because they have to be. They care about you and need to know how to care for you.

How to ask for help?

This may seem obvious but some people try so hard to be strong that they don’t know how to open up and ask for help. Here are some tips to help you start a conversation and ask for help, especially if you want to disclose your feeling:

  • Pick a time and place where you feel comfortable and able to concentrate.
  • Explain how you are feeling and any concerns you may have.
  • Ask for advice or support and explain what this friend of family member can do to help.

Make it clear if you do not want this person to say anything to anybody else. If you want to keep it between the two of you for now, make sure the person you are talking to knows this.

You are not alone. A positive thinking and happy life are the best medicines for your disease. So, try to get support from your loved ones. It will help you have a healthy mind as well as a healthy liver.

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