Psychotherapy During Liver Cancer?


Speaking of cancer treatment, many people will think of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. But they forgot a factor that could determine half the chances of winning cancer, which is psychotherapy.

Why does psychotherapy work for the sick?

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of psychotherapy for cancer treatment. Therefore, most patients are treated with a combination of modern methods and psychological therapy to achieve the ideal results.

According to a recent survey, about 85% of cancer patients show signs of depression. And even top experts have to admit that if a person is depressed, the malignant cells will have a chance of development and a higher risk of death.

Bad spirits have a great effect on the overall health of the body, making treatment more difficult. Conversely, if you maintain a sense of optimism, comfort, the body will be able to promote the strength of internal resources and increase the chance of survival.

Stage of surgical treatment

Many people believe that surgery causes the tumor to spread and even death can occur on the operating table. However, these thoughts are distorted and adversely affect your course of treatment.

Surgery is the best treatment if you are diagnosed at an early stage. You should also not be worried about the possibility of metastatic surgeries after surgery because for some inflammatory tumors, the specialist will perform radiation therapy to make the tumor stable and tumor surgery will take place as favorable as possible.

Stage of radiation therapy

Does radiation have any effect on health? This is a question for many patients. The duty of health care providers is to explain to them the treatment process, the dose monitoring, and control system.

The truth is that the radiation only focuses on destroying the tumor and not adversely affecting other organs. When you understand this problem, you will easily regain faith in modern medicine and heal the mind.

Stage of chemotherapy

Undeniably, this is one of the most effective cancer treatments. However, this treatment will make patients worry a lot about their appearance such as hair loss, in addition to leukopenia. Do not worry too much because modern chemotherapy is usually less harmful and can overcome some of your concerns. You can also receive outpatient treatment.

In addition to the above mentioned, you should refer to the healthy diet and gentle exercise exercises to improve the effectiveness of health status. Share difficulties with relatives to overcome the fear of illness. But want to have the health to cope with illness, first of all, you yourself must try to keep your psychological optimism and faith love life.

The role of nurses and doctors is very important in motivating the patient to understand correctly and to prepare for the mentality of overcoming cancer. The determination to fight for life, ignoring the old way of thinking about cancer associated with the “death sentence” will make patients find themselves and live more positive, meaningful.

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