7 Tips to Help You Boost Your Appetite After Liver Cancer


It is normal if you face the loss of appetite during or after liver cancer treatment, but the important thing is that you have to maintain the intake of nutrients. Eating healthily can help your body promote healing and minimize side effects. Taking in enough calories not only prevents weight loss and lack of energy but it may improve your tolerance to treatment. You may need some help from these tips so as to combat the lack of appetite after liver cancer treatment.

Avoid being dehydrated

Dehydration is very common in cancer patients who are treated with chemotherapy. You can have dry mouth, trouble swallowing food, fatigue, dizziness, weakness or constipation. These symptoms can cause your difficulty eating and affect your appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to consume at least 2 liters of liquid a day, which include water, juice, or even ice chips. They can effectively help hydrate in cancer patients.

Consume enough protein

According to studies, cancer patients necessarily should be provided with protein which can improve strength and promote tolerance before and after cancer treatment. If it is difficult for you to eat protein foods such as meat, fish or eggs, you should consume ice cream or milkshake or protein rich foods, for instance, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Consume bland solid foods

It may be easier for cancer patients to digest bland solid foods, such as dry cereal, toast, and crackers rather than foods with more flavors. Gelatin snacks, bananas or rice are also easy ones for liver cancer patients.

Do more exercise

It has been proven that if you start to do some light exercise for 10 – 15 minutes before the meal, it can improve your appetite effectively. Doing exercise can improve your overall health, reduce the chance of loss of appetite and boost your mood positively.

Make your meals a pleasant experience

An attractive setting, such as while playing your favorite music, sharing the meal with your good friends or family members can boost your mood. The better your mood is, the better your appetite becomes. Try to make yourself comfortable and relaxed while eating.

Adjust taste of your foods

Changes in sense of taste or smell can contribute to appetite loss. Therefore, you should adjust the seasonings in your food till you feel comfortable with some new tastes. It is very normal if you love spicy  dishes before the treatment, then you cannot bear any of those spicy foods. A proper preparation for the changes can help you combat the lack of appetite effectively.

Consult your doctor

Talk to your doctor whether there are any foods or drinks you should not have. Probably, you may have to adjust your medication or treatment to relieve symptoms that are interfering with your desire or ability to eat. If your condition is getting serious, your doctor may then have other specific treatments.

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