Drugs That Can Damage Kidney


When you consume drugs – no matter what types they are – they will pass through your kidneys. Therefore, if you do not take the drug appropriately or not carefully follow the instructions of your doctor or healthcare provider, or if the drug is an illicit substance, your kidneys can get some injuries ranging from mild to severe.

Pain Medications

There are high chances that consuming a great number of over-the-counter medications will cause your some damages to your kidneys. These over-the-counter medications include aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. Under any circumstances should you not take these types of medicines frequently or on a daily basis unless you consult your healthcare provider carefully. Thousands of Americans have their kidneys damaged by making use of these medicines frequently for too long a time.


Drinking a lot of alcohol not only damages your liver but also hurts your kidneys badly. Harmful substances are known to be banished from your blood thanks to your kidneys. However, as one of these harmful substances, alcohol has the power of bringing about changes to your kidney function and weakening its ability to filter the blood. Many other important functions of the kidneys will therefore deteriorate as well. Those who make a habit of having regular drinking bout encounter a high risk of developing kidney as well as liver failure.


Misuse of antibiotics can also put your kidneys exposed to danger. People with kidney disease should not consume antibiotics as much as those who possess normal or healthy kidneys. You should, above all, consult your doctor or healthcare provider in order to take the appropriate dose of medicines without harming your kidneys.

Prescription Laxatives

Generally speaking, for most of the people, over-the-counter laxatives are safe. Nevertheless, some of the prescription laxatives which aims at cleaning the bowel (typically before a colonoscopy) can inflict some harm to your kidneys.

Contrast Dye (used in diagnostic tests such as MRIs)

“Imaging test” is a type of medical tests and contains a kind of dye that is known as “contrast dye”. This kind of dye can increase the correctness of these tests, but can also pose some kidney problems. Some examples of the imaging tests include MRIs and CT-scans. Even though not every imaging test has contrast dyes, those who have kidney disease should be aware of the harm that contrast dyes can bring to your kidneys.

Illegal Drugs

Most of the street drugs such as ecstasy, heroin, cocaine are considered as the contributing factors to high blood pressure (hypertension), heart failure, stroke, and even death from simply one use (in some cases). In addition, your kidneys will be damaged severely under the influence of cocaine, heroine and amphetamines.

What should you do?

Always take medicines, drugs or substances under the supervision of your doctor or healthcare provider.

Never take pills or substances from someone you do not know or even a friend.

In case you feel unwell right after taking a medication or substance, call your doctor or healthcare provider at once.

If you have to have an imaging test, ask your healthcare provider whether it may cause any risk, harm or damage to your kidneys.

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