Many studies have shown that people who are served food in large dish will unintentionally consume more calories. Therefore, significant excessive calorie will be absorbed, especially high-calorie foods. Here are some tips that can help you avoid portion distortion.

Right-sizing Meal

Nowadays there are multiple sizes available for fast food. The best choice is the smallest size that the restaurant has. People also can use a suitable plate size to avoid portion distortion. The bigger the plate, the more we tend to eat. Here is a trick of using plate size to your advantage. Instead, you can make healthy foods such as salad or fruits in the larger dinner plate to encourage your family to eat more healthy food, and use a smaller plate for the entree, which often consists of meat and high-calories foods.

Steer clear of bulk sizes, at least when it comes to food.

Many people find big size more appealing as their cost per unit is cheaper than normal size. You can get benefits from buying tissues and paper towels in bulk, but control the food available in jumbo size, especially fast foods. If you do that, your waistline will be very thankful.

Listen to your stomach, not your eyes

Many people go to the buffet restaurant and take too much food to eat. There is the expression “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”. They may be attracted by delicious food and take more than they need, which makes them stuffed. It is recommended to eat slowly and listen to your internal body signals till you are satisfied.

Trick yourself eating less

Sometimes your stomach can’t recognize whether you’re hungry or thirsty. People can drink 10 glasses of water a day or more if they’re active such as playing sports. Water not only boosts your body system but also makes you feel full and may less likely to eat food.

A small portion can also satisfy a person. According to the journal Food Quality and Preference, participants who were served either in large or small portion has the same satisfaction, although the large portion contains much more calories.

Fill up your stomach with fruits and veggies

People should add more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the meals. Some eat vegetables in a large portion before the main meal because fruits are relatively low in calories and will make you feel full. You can try to include fruits like a snack to prevent unhealthy snacks.

Don’t eat in front of the TV

Many people unintentionally overeat when they are attracted by something else such as TV. The best way to control the portion is to put the amount that you plan into a bowl instead of eating straight from the package.

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