You have hypertension and your doctor says that physical activities can help lower your blood pressure. However, there are many types of exercises, and you do not know which one is useful. If so, you may find out some helpful information in this article.

Ask your doctor before starting any exercise

Always ask your doctor before you start doing exercises. He or she will determine your activity level and whether your condition prevents you from doing certain exercises. In some cases, you may be unable to do exercises every day.

Useful exercises for lowering blood pressure

Aerobic exercises, or endurance exercises are good for your heart. In these exercises, large groups of muscles are used; your breathing is increased; your heart beats faster, and your body uses more oxygen. This can help strengthen your heart and lungs.

Aerobic exercises can also help your arteries relax, lower your blood pressure, decrease your blood sugar levels, raise ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). If you have hypertension, doing aerobic exercises can reduce your risk for heart attack.

Examples of aerobic exercises include brisk walking, swimming, cycling, climbing the stairs, jogging, or dancing.

How much exercise do you need?

You do not have to do aerobic exercises. However, try to do at least 150 minutes per week. For examples, you can go swimming 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

You don’t have to push yourself too hard, take small steps. You can start with a 10-minute exercise per day on the first week. Then gradually build up. When the exercises become easy, you can make them more challenging.

If you sit for too long, try to get up and do some physical activity. Prolonged sitting can contribute to several medical conditions.

Exercises that are not good for your blood pressure

Exercises such as scuba diving, sky diving are not good for lowering your blood pressure. You will need your doctor’s certificate. Weightlifting can cause your blood pressure to rise temporarily during the exercise. However, if you do this exercise for a long time, you may have some long-term benefits to your blood pressure.

You should learn to do weight training proper, and listen to your body to prevent injuries or risks. Ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you.

Physical activity is always considered a good medicine for your health, no matter what your medical condition is. When it comes to high blood pressure, regular exercises can help lower your blood pressure. Thus, get up and stay active.

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