It can make you as a parent get stuck when thinking about how to teach your teenager about HIV prevention. HIV is considered as a tough subject for you to discuss with your child, but it is important to educate them about the way to protect themselves too. Here are some tips and advice for you to refer.

Bring up the topic with your teenager

You can talk about HIV with your child when there is HIV education show broadcast on TV. It is the visual way to teach your children about HIV because children can watch the news as well as see images so that they can get some information about this. After the program, asking them about what they accumulate from the news, then you can explain more for them.  

Besides that, some parents take specific time to discuss HIV with their children. They can use books or the internet to point out the facts so that the children find it easy to understand.

Select the information

What information you need to provide should be considered based on your child’s age. For example, a teenager can hear details about HIV while pre-teen should be aware of how HIV is spread, and how to protect themselves by condoms. Also, explaining about sex before explaining HIV also helps children not to be confused. Tell them as specific as possible so that they can understand exactly the risk of HIV as well as the best ways to stay safe from it.   

Discuss ways people can/can not be infected with HIV

Your teenager must understand HIV clearly so that they can protect themselves. It is necessary to help your child to set the right behaviors with HIV by sharing with them information about precautions, prevention, and the dangers of HIV infection. Let them know the ways HIV infection occurs and some symptoms of being HIV positive.  

Talk with your teen about handling peer pressure

It is important to teach them how to deal with risky situations such as refusing sex and drugs. Be open with your children so that they can share with you everything comfortably. Let them know they won’t be punished when they tell you the truth. Once you understand your teenager better, you can help them build their confidence and self-esteem. If they can define who they are and what they love, they can’t be affected by peer pressure. This means that they can protect themselves from getting bad things which can increase their risk of AIDS.

Correct misunderstandings

It is normal that your teenager can misunderstand something about HIV. You should tell them that avoiding HIV infection does not mean they have to avoid the person with HIV/AIDS. Such misunderstandings can make them scary, which results in their stigma of HIV patients and affecting their behaviors as well. When you realize that they are misunderstanding, you should correct it as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to cope of with educating your teenager about preventing themselves from HIV because they feel it is an invincible or untouchable issue. However, it is not impossible with some helpful tips above. Besides, your doctor also gives you the advice to help you teach your teenager better.

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