Safe Sex and HIV


Having safe sex is always important with any relationships, especially between people who have HIV because sexual activity is one of the main reason to spread HIV. So if you are in a relationship with someone who has HIV, before making love, please make sure that you know clearly how to having safe sex. We want to remind you again about it.

Share about your sex history

Some people feel that is too difficult to talk with their sex partner about their disease. But it’s necessary for both of you to share with each other about your both sex histories. You need to make sure that your sex partner has never had sex with any person has HIV. You even can ask him or her showing the result of checkups if you have doubts that your sex partner has HIV.

Besides, you need to be honest to share that you have HIV with your sex partner. This helps both of you have safe sex.

Always use protection

Only engage in unprotected sex if you are in a mutually monogamous relationship in which both you and your partner are uninfected by HIV or any other STD. This is the most important part of preventing HIV. Protected sex will go the furthest to protect you and your partner if one of you have HIV infection. Of course, it’s easy to say “just this one time” to skipping protection but all it takes is one time: be on the safe side and insist on protection! Your options include:

  • Male condoms
  • Female condoms
  • Dental dams (can be used for female-female, male-female, and male-male sex!)

Use lube

Lube can actually help a lot although it may not seem like it can prevent HIV. When you’re using condoms, you put yourself at serious risk if the condom breaks. The best way to prevent condom breakage is by reducing the stress on the condom with lube. Always use water based lube, as other lubes can degrade the latex of the condom and put you at risk.

Lube is especially important with anal sex since it not only protects your body from tears but also protects the condom, as anal sex is more stressful on condoms than vaginal sex.

Use the condom correctly

Condoms may seem tricky, but actually it’s quite easy to learn how to use in right way. Correct condom use is crucial to prevent HIV infections, since a broken or incorrectly used condom is about as good as using no condom at all. Store your condoms correctly: out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Don’t forget the expiration date (note that the words “MFG” means it’s the manufacture date). Open the package carefully with your hands, not your teeth.

Get tested often and together

Frequent testing can help both you and your sexual partner stay safe. Protecting each other if you’re at risk or in a new relationship is something that good sexual partners do. Since some partners may lie about getting tested or what the results were, the safest bet is to get tested together.

Although living and having sex with a person who has HIV are very difficult, but if you know the right way to do it, your life is still keep going in a normal way. Be beside a person who has HIV may be the most experience in your life, but if you can decide like that, you never know how much great you are. Don’t give up! Because maybe you are the season for someone to maintain their meaningful life.

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