Have you ever wondered how some pregnant women can run and whether they should be out there running or not? It is quite unbelievable for some women as carrying that excessive size of a belly is not an easy task at all. Yet, there are indeed women who run during pregnancy. Is it safe, though?

Usually, it is safe provided that there is nothing wrong with your health as well as your baby health. There are some women who cannot exercise at all, not to mention running in this case, due to some pregnancy complications. However, the first thing is to check with your OB.

Say your OB agrees to let your run, and then the second thing you should bear in mind is to listen to your body. You can run, but it does not mean you should run daily, run a long-distance, sprint, or conduct other strenuous exercises. The key here is to maintain your health, not to overcome some challenges you have set out before conceiving. Therefore, take it easy, and don’t push yourself hard.

In case you want to run, but you have rarely done any running before, then start off slowly. Take a 10-minute warming up by stretching, walking and jogging for 5 minutes. Then cooling you down by walking for another 5 to 10 minutes.

If you feel comfortable at all and you think speeding it up will do no harm, then go for it but in a slow manner. Gradually speed yourself up a bit week by week, and cover a longer distance a bit, also. Ideally, pregnant women should run around 20 to 30 minutes each time in moderation.

A thing to keep in mind is the hydration. Being pregnant means a lot of time spent in the bathroom, a lot of energy gone for some pregnancy symptoms, and during running, loss of body fluid through sweating. Therefore, it is essentially important to maintain the water level within the body. Too much will cause bloating and too little means dehydrated. You do not want either. Keep some water in hand and make frequent stops to recharge your energy.

Exercise, in general, during pregnancy is great. It helps strengthen the muscles supporting the uterus, reduce the chances of having backaches, ankle swellings, and fatigue. A woman’s body undergoing training also responds better to childbirth. Moreover, people who exercise often feel better about themselves. If a woman runs, she is more likely to be happier, which boosts her mental health and reduce stress. And if she feels happy, then so does her child.

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