High Cholesterol and Sexual Life


High Cholesterol

High cholesterol, also known as hypercholesteremia, is not a disease; however, it can entail grave risks of serious health conditions including heart attack, peripheral artery disease, and strokes, most of which result from atherosclerosis, a condition caused by clog arteries.

High cholesterol rarely displays any symptoms, so the only way to know whether your cholesterol levels are high or not is to have a simple blood test.

High cholesterol typically runs in families. Therefore, genes make great contributions to high cholesterol. However, you should not forget that your cholesterol levels are also affected by your lifestyle habits – how frequently you participate physical activity, how healthy your diet is, how much you weigh.

High Cholesterol and Sexual Life

In addition to the aforementioned serious health conditions, the reduction of blood flow caused by high cholesterol is also associated with sexual disorders. In particular, it has some effects on the quality of your erections.

The impaired blood flow to the penis is known to lead to most of the cases of erectile dysfunction. The medications used to treat erectile dysfunction let the smooth muscle cells lining the blood vessels relax, making the blood flow easier. When a man has high cholesterol levels, the cardiac circulation is impaired, and so is the blood flow throughout the body; this can, by all means, influence your erection quality.

Researchers have recently found out that high cholesterol also has something to do with female sexual disorders. In women, the fatty deposits from high cholesterol can take a toll on lubrication, which causes pain during sexual intercourse, hence resulting in a low sex drive.

High Serum Cholesterol and Erectile Dysfunction

According to scientists, high cholesterol has an intimate connection with erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, men with high blood pressure are also faced with a high risk of erectile dysfunction. Cholesterol levels, when too high, can lead to atherosclerosis – the hardening of the arteries. Levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also called bad cholesterol, can play a big role due to the fact that this bad cholesterol can yield plagues that stick along the insides of arteries. Plague buildup on the wall of the arteries can impede the blood flow, just like the way gunk buildup on the wall of a pipe restricts the flow. Most doctors and scientists are worried about the happening of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries, but the process can impact all of the arteries – even those that lead to the penis.

Men and women who think that their sex lives may be affected by high cholesterol should make an appointment with a doctor or physician to determine the causes. If cholesterol is found to be the cause of your problem, doctors can recommend you to make some difference to your diet and lifestyle. You can be advised to cut saturated fat from the diet, stop smoking, engage more in physical activity. Medications can be recommended if necessary.

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