High Cholesterol: What to Eat When Eating Out


Just because your cholesterol levels are high does not mean that you cannot go to your favorite restaurant, eat out with your friends, or join family nights out. What you need to do is to understand what you are eating, and help yourself with best choices for a low-cholesterol diet. This means that you should read the menu in a very careful way, and seek suspect ingredients. Here below are tips that can help you when eating out.

Prepare for Your Ordering

If you are already acquainted with the menu, you can think about dishes that you are going to order before entering the restaurant. By doing this, you may hardly succumb to tempting foods that may appear to be unhealthy. In case it is a completely new restaurant that you have never tried before, spend some time reading the menu carefully so that you can help yourself with the best options. Moreover, you can ask the waiter to remove tempting foods – a bread basket, for instance. Make sure you finish two full glasses of water before the waiter brings your food. Remind yourself of staying away from foods depicted as buttery, creamed, fried, escalloped.

Foods to Avoid

Scientists have recently found that for most people, the cholesterol in your food has less effect on the blood cholesterol levels than some specific kinds of fats you consume. Rich-cholesterol foods, such as high-fat dairy, fatty meats, bakery items, contain higher levels of saturated fats or trans fats; both of these fats are known to increase blood cholesterol.

So, when you consume foods that are abundant with saturated or trans fat, more cholesterol will be produced by your liver. Rather than filling your diet with saturated fats, you should consume more healthy unsaturated fats in order to reduce both of your total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats are excellent options. You can get them from soybean oil, fatty fish (salmon), olive oil.

When Ordering

In particular, it becomes clear that you should order steamed, grilled, broiled, roasted or stir-fried foods. Potatoes are many people’s favorite dish, but you should avoid fried potatoes. Instead, baked, boiled, or roasted potatoes are better choices. Don’t forget to ask the waiter to remove the sour cream and butter. Order broth-based soups in lieu of fried finger foods or creamy soups for appetizers. Chicken, lean red meat, or seafood are better choices than processed or fatty meats. Don’t forget to enrich your dish with more fiber by ordering steamed vegetables. You can order salad but avoid grated cheese, cream dressings, potato salads, or bacon bits. For dessert, you can choose fresh fruit, but don’t add whipped cream or a topping.

How about shrimp, eggs, and cheese? Shrimp is pretty rich in cholesterol, but does not contain much saturated fat. If you have already had shrimp two times a month, wait for the next month. Eggs, if eaten in moderation, can be very good. Cheese is rich in both saturated fats and sodium. Maintain a moderate or low consumption of cheese when you have high cholesterol.

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