Have you ever wondered how your body works, why your heart beats slower than others do, or why two hours later after a meal you already feel hungry? It is all due to metabolism – the process involves the hormones produced by the thyroid gland. These hormones regulate from the tiniest things like from stimulating nerve cells to super-energy cells to open a really heavy door. The beating of the heart also links to these hormones. As esearch suggests, a higher level of these further increases the risk of cardiac death.

Thyroid Levels

A quickie on how thyroid gland works (the thyroid gland is in front of the neck). It looks like a butterfly with two wings representing two lobes including the left and right lobes. The gland produces two important thyroid hormones, Triiodothyronine, and Thyroxine. These two hormones travel to almost everywhere in the body. They help regulate how fast the cells work or how fast the metabolism process occurs. For instance, if the level of these hormones is high, you may digest food faster, have a rapid heart rate and an abnormally high level often means diarrhea and weight loss. Vice versa, lower level leads to a slower heartbeat and abnormally low associated with weight gain and constipation. In other words, these hormones determine how fast your body functions overall.

Higher thyroid level – higher risk

As the new study suggests, the higher level of thyroid hormones results in a higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest. More than 10,000 patients participated in the research carried out in the Rotterdam Study. The findings are astonishing. By comparing the thyroid levels in the bloodstream with the cases of cardiac deaths that these patients had, they have found a high tendency of having a fatal cardiac correlated with abnormally high hormone levels. An overactive thyroid gland could be responsible for this. Even an underactive gland could easily skyrocket due to an excessive amount of medication. However, patients with underactive glands can modify their pill intakes to decrease the thyroid level.

Particularly, people with high thyroid levels are more likely to end up dead 2.5 times compared to those with the lower level. Additionally, the 10-year risk of heart attack was found out to be even 4 times higher. High cholesterol and high blood pressure did not seem to affect the results as even if they were controlled, the figures still persisted.

What do these findings tell us? Certainly, we need to be alerted to our thyroid hormones. Within all heart-related deaths, more than half of those originate from sudden cardiac death. It is a matter of life or death when it comes to a cardiac episode as the duration of one is quite short and it needs immediate medical attention. However, on the bright side, a high level of thyroid hormones can be useful in evaluation the probability of sudden death. Thus, we can formulate prevention based on that.

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