Providing Care to a Heart Patient


Providing care for a heart patient is never an easy task. As a caregiver, you will have to juggle between a lot of responsibilities every single day.

Maintain a healthy diet

As you may already know, people with heart problems are not supposed to eat fats and fries. However, It will be hard to keep them from sneaking around some potato chips. But it is your job to be as strict as possible. Make them stick to a diet full of fruits and vegetables, with lean meat as the main source of protein. Too salty dishes can be very harmful to people with heart disease. So, keep their salt consumption very limited. In case you have troubles with planning their diet, enlist the help of a dietician for a personally customized eating plan.

Exercise with them

Staying physically active is the only way to keep our heart healthy. Heart patients are usually afraid of working out. Therefore, you need to encourage them to exercise regularly. However, the level of recommended workouts will depend on the patient’s specific medical condition. Make sure to check with a doctor for the most suitable exercising plan. The basic rule is to start with light activities within a short period of time, then slowly advance to the recommended level. You can support them by joining them with exercising so that they will be more motivated.

Help them with their medications

A little help is appreciated. Nevertheless, you should not completely take over the medication duty. The patient should be the one in charge of their own pills. If the patient has problems memorizing, you can buy them some pill organizers to avoid mistakes. You should note down drugs the patient may be taking and bring that list to all the doctor visits. A patient may have several health issues that require the care of more than one expert. Knowing what a patient is taking will help the doctors a lot with the prescribing process since some drugs might become dangerous when being taken together.

It is common for caregivers to feel a huge responsibility on your shoulders. This responsibility can stress you out. Many caregivers do not take good care of themselves because they are busy taking care of others. However, you need to understand that your well-being is important, too. If you are tired, take a break. Do not be afraid to ask for help from others when you need it.

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