Heart disease is a serious disease that everyone is at risk without reasonable diet and healthy lifestyle. One of the causes of cardiovascular disease is a passive lifestyle. So we should exercise like one simple way to prevent this disease

Brisk walking

Walking is great exercise and suitable for people with cardiovascular disease because it does not require the difficult movements. Walking or brisk walking in the morning can increase the heart rate and reduce the risk of heart attack if you do frequently. This activity can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, maintain weight and improve mood. You can walk on a treadmill at home or on the road. You can rest when you think that the body sweating and panting breath. When walking, you should wear good stretchy clothes and choose shoes that are comfortable. Maintain a regular exercise intensity for 30-60 minutes per day is most effective.


Consume more energy to run than walk, but this is the best exercise for who have heart disease. Besides helping the body, improve endurance, running also helps reduce the amount of fat around the heart and blood vessels. This exercise is extremely simple, you absolutely can manually adjust the intensity, time to conform to the body’s health. When run, the whole body will move in step runs, the heart works more and more durable. At the same time the muscles, bones, joints also are mobilizing to help burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re just beginning to exercise, start to brisk walking done by 5 minutes walk back to run for 1-2 minutes. Ascending runtime to run continuously without walking time.


Cycling is an interesting exercise for heart health, blood vessels, lungs, and reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack … The researchers found that cycling 32 km / week helps reduce 50% the risk of cardiovascular disease. When cycling, the whole body has to work, especially the legs so will burn large amounts of calories. Spend 30 minutes each day to participate in this exercise in order to have appropriate weight and protect heart health. This exercise is suitable for all ages.


Swimming is also a great choice for cardiovascular disease. When swimming, the whole body are active, the blood vessels are massaged and enhance blood circulation, helps treat and prevent cardiovascular disease. Swimming can relieve stress, help maintains the stability of blood pressure and heart rate, respiration and helps better blood circulation … Lie flat underwater posture also helps blood flow from the legs to the heart, the brain is better to prevent the risk of stroke. Swimming in the warm water will be better cold water. Notice carefully before launching into the water, do not dive or swim competition because of the breathless very dangerous for who have heart disease.

Practicing sports to help enhance health, not only that, practicing for appropriate dosage will bring many benefits for cardiovascular patients. But heart patients should avoid exercise in the spirit of a “gladiator” because overexert will be dangerous. Best for the heart is campaigning in moderate to vigorous intensity, not too strong. Every day you should practice 30-60 minutes will help prevent cardiovascular disease. Besides that need to combine diet with healthy nutrition and wellness.

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