Dry eye is a common condition nowadays. It happens when the tear glands don’t make enough tears to lubricate the eyes. This condition can be caused by either environmental or medical elements.

When getting dry eyes, the patient might feel painful and uncomfortable. There are some options for treatment dry eye that can relieve the symptom and help the eyes better.

Changing the environment

Environment is the most common factor that develops dry eye. Therefore, choosing a nice play to live and work, avoiding cigarette and strong wind will help decrease the risk of getting dry eye or making it worse. Protecting the eyes while playing sports such as motorcycle, riding, skiing by wearing a protective eyewear.

Adding fatty acids in diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are proved to be able to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes by decreasing inflammation in the body, especially eye inflammation. Try to eat more foods which are rich in this nutrient will help relieve dry eye condition.

Using medicine

  • Using artificial tear drops and ointments: this is the most common way using to treat dry eye. The patient can find a number of nonprescription drugs for dry eye over the counter. These drugs can help relieve the symptom temporarily. If patient has chronic dry eye, they would better use the eye drops much more than normal until the eyes get better. Almost eye drops which come in multidose vials usually contain preservatives which sometimes can make a bad reaction to the eye. In this case, the patient should use preservative-free drops. If patient wants to use a product that can help the eyes while sleeping, they may use ointment which is thicker.
  • Using drugs for treatment eyelid inflammation: when inflammation occurs in the eyelid, it often prevents the oil gland from secreting oil into the tears. In this case, doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help stop the inflammation.
  • Tear-stimulating drugs: these drugs will help the glands produce more tears. They are called cholinergics.
  • Using eye drops for controlling cornea inflammation: these are prescription eye drops which involve the immune-suppressing medication cyclosporine or corticosteroids. They can help manage the inflammation on the surface of the eyes. Corticosteroids are not considered as using in a long term because of its side effects.

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