How to Stay Active throughout the Day at Your Office


Whether staying at home or throwing yourself into the workload, you may spend a lot of time sitting or being sedentary. Even when you have tried to balance your working time and exercising, your daily energy could not be at the same positive level for all day long. In order to boost your energy without taking caffeine or using any medications support, it’s best to learn ways to move your body. Here are some simple ways to help you stay active throughout the day.

At lunch break

First, sitting for an entire time after lunch break is not a good idea. Scenery change and a little bit of physical activity could help you boost energy. During working time, you can eat with lesser time break and use the rest of lunch break time to have a mild workout. Of course, this is not an ideal time for a hard workout which will break plenty of sweat. It’s best to go outside and have a short walk or climb up and down the office stairs. Try to create a habit of taking the stairs instead of elevators. By walking at a moderate pace, it will help boost up oxygen to the brain and increase blood flow for your entire body that have been stuck in the same position for hours.

Splitting time for small practices

Besides, another the key to boost energy is splitting time for small practices. For example, if you need to deliver some files to different departments, it’s recommended not to do it all at once. Delivery multi stuff at the same time will avoid time-consuming. Yet, if you still have time to spare, try split them up to help you be more active during working time. Walking up and down stairs can be exhausted at the beginning. But when you do more often, it can increase your chance of living longer.

Inter-office communication

Also, for inter-office communication, instead of calling and emailing, you can stand up and walk to your colleague. Moreover, going outside for a coffee break or buying a cup of tea is a quick and easy way to incorporate some more physical activities. In short, you should find ways to go away from your desk and move around in order to stay active.

We all know a sedentary life can boost up our risk of breast or colon cancers. According to many research, energy drainage could eventually take out years of your life. Luckily, you can always control this changes simply by moving more. Taking moderate-to-intense physical activity could possibly bring a lot of health benefits. It can improve circulation, balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It’s never too late to take action on controlling your own life.

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