Six Holiday Tips for Diabetes Patients


Holidays are special occasions for the family to be reunited, to have fun and make memories. However, we should not neglect our health, especially for diabetes during those occasions. Since it will cause complications later on when we get back to our normal daily lives. Therefore, follow these easy six steps to control your weight and blood sugar levels.

Maintain your schedule

During holidays, we tend to overeat, and then skip the next meal to cut down our calories and sugar intake. This is a mistake since after you stop consuming food on time, the hunger will force you to eat even much more than you usually eat the next meal, and this trick will be completely useless. Therefore, try to eat normally, then do exercise and take any of your diabetes medications to remain healthy as usual.

Be wise at in what you eat

Instead on of focusingDon’t focus on dishes and treats that contain a lot of sugar, cream, and carbohydrate, Try to consume more vegetables, such as vegetable soup or salad. Moreover, take enough food on your plate, avoid taking dishes that you don’t really want or need.

Watch your alcohol intake

One friendly reminder is that alcohol does have calories and it can also interfere with your medications. Recommendations for alcohol for those with diabetes are no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two per day for men. (One drink equals 4 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, 1 ounce of distilled spirits).

Cook light, bring healthy dishes with you to the party

Usually, when coming to your friends or relatives house, you should bring a dish or two to show to politeness. This dish can be low calories, low on in sugar and still be delicious since there are a lot of delicious but these healthy recipes that you can find online.

Download mobile tools to help you with the carbohydrates intake

With the development of technology, it is not hard to find an app that can help you with your health nowadays. As a fact, there are a lot of applications that can count calories, carbohydrates and even count how much insulin you need to take .(if you use it before meals).

Stay active

During holidays, it’s hard to spend a whole 45 minutes or even an hour to do your daily exercise. Break the time into 15-20 minutes and repeat it 3-4 times a day. You should give you enough time to continue having fun with your family but still keeping up with your diabetes-friendly exercises.

If you find yourself consuming more food than you had expected, don’t be disappointed and abandon the habit of eating healthy. You should distract yourself by engaging in your family’s conversation, playing games or helping your relatives with the house decorating. This should give you enough fun to forget about the food and enjoy your time with the family.

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