Mood Changes Caused by Diabetes


Just as many other chronic diseases, diabetes could affect both mental and physical health. For people with diabetes, they might experience many changes in their mood. Those changes can be depression, stress, anxiety or some other emotional issue due to physical changes. And, learning to control emotional change could become a hard mission along with keeping the blood sugar under control.

Diabetes and mood changes

Many people diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and type 2 are suffering from emotional changes. As time goes by, the uncontrolled emotion changes can affect the ability to control diabetes as well. A research has found out significant mood changes caused due to extremes in blood sugar levels. A frequent fluctuation of blood sugar levels known as glycemic variability can affect diabetes patients’ emotions.

Diabetes and depression

One of the most common emotional changes in diabetes patient is depression. Nonetheless, researchers are still studying on whether depression somehow triggers diabetes or the other way around. In recent studies, many scientists claim that people along with type 1 diabetes with high blood sugar levels can induce a hormone production causing depression. Type 1 diabetes patients are no longer able to produce their own insulin. And people with type 2 diabetes have to follow insulin treatment with insufficient insulin quantities. Therefore, they could feel powerless, exasperated, frustrated, sad, and physically exhausted.

Diabetes and self-blame

Another mood changes associated with diabetes, especially type 2 is the yearning of self-blame. People getting diabetes are often overweight, having sedentary lifestyles. When getting diabetes, they may reflect on their previous lifestyle and sadness. However, being overweight alone could not trigger diabetic factors. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is not caused by diet or lack of exercise. On the other hand, people with type 2 diabetes is often blamed for an unhealthy diet. A genetic factor could possibly cause diabetes.

Diabetes and other problems

Last but not least, diabetes also imposes serious complications on interpersonal relationships. Diabetes patients with depression or anxiety tend to get away from social activities. And they also avoid sharing their thoughts with other people. Moreover, diabetes  creates the anxiety feeling about how the patient shares their disease with other people. Diabetes is a life-long disease, so it could be hard for the patient to face with this for their entire life. Complications of diabetes such as visual problems, heart disease or amputated limbs are other problems that many patients might worry about. This could cause a lot of stress and exhausted feelings.

If you think you have experienced these mood changes, you should have a talk with your health care provider. According to many research, a professional prescription with anti-depressant medications could be a great  treatment for those people suffering from mood changes due to diabetes.

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