Bad Habits That Cause and Worsen Your Diabetes


Diabetes is not only caused by genetics, living habits and environment may also be the reason of this disease. If you want to have a good health, pay attention to your habits and make a little effort to change it in a better way. Here are some bad habits that cause and worsen your diabetes.

Drinking too much sugary drink

Drinking soft drink and juices without control can lead to diabetes.  A lot of people misunderstand that juices are all good for your health. Actually, there is a high amount of sugar in each glass of juice that we usually drink.  When you’re thirsty, water, sugar-free tea, or coffee are wise choices.

Sitting too much

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that cases of diabetes in Asian countries will rise by 90 percent in the next 20 years. ” In 10 years, the number of diabetics in Hanoi, Vietnam, doubled. The reason? In this city, people prefer riding than cycling” said Dr. Gauden Galea. In conclusion, those who are less physically active have a higher risk of obesity than those who diligently biking, walking, or other activities.

Being a night owl

When you don’t sleep more than 6 hours a day, the metabolism will be disturbed. Therefore, your diabetes will be out of control. More seriously, lack of sleep also can stimulate a hormone in the blood that creates hunger, which leads to gain weight. That’s why sleeping is very important to become a priority.

Skipping breakfast

Our busy life sometimes makes you have to skip your breakfast and that makes a bad habits day by day. But keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of a day, it gives you the energy for starting a whole new day. Skipping your breakfast doesn’t help you save your time. It makes you ravenous by late morning and creates the perfect storm for type 2 diabetes. Starving yourself until lunch creates a chain reaction that disrupts insulin levels and blood sugar control

Late-Night Snacking

Eating some snacks after dinner is never recommended for those with diabetes. Unhealthy snacking can surely lead to weight gain, and eating too late at night can lead to a high blood sugar reading the next morning. If you want to feel full after your last meal, only choose a small piece of fruit with cottage cheese or peanut butter.

After informed some bad habits that cause diabetes, are you ready to change them and create the better? You should involve more in physical activities, such as walking, dancing, biking, etc. Know exactly what you should eat more and what you should avoid. A thoughtful preparation for changing your habits is never useless.

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