10 Essential Sex Tips for Diabetics


Diabetes can interrupt your sexual function in numerous ways. For instance, chronic high blood glucose levels can contribute to neuropathy and impaired blood circulation, both of which can lead to decreased or delayed orgasm, lubrication, genital sensation, and erection.  In women, high blood glucose levels can lead to frequent vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections. Neuropathy can make the bladder more difficult to control, and high blood pressure can also damage the blood circulation, and lead to the same arousal and orgasm problems as high blood glucose levels.

However, there is a lot you can do by yourself to improve your sex life, whether you can actually change your physical functioning or simply acknowledge new ways to enjoy what you are having.

Here are 10 helpful sex tips for you.

  1. Commit to your diabetes care Hyperglycemia usually decreases sexual interest. As a matter of fact, libido may return as blood sugar level is brought down to a normal level.
  2. Try to control your blood pressure with stress-reduction strategies, such as the relaxation response, as well as exercise and healthy diets. Even if you do not have high blood pressure, these lifestyle changes can improve your health.
  3. Make an effort to lose some weight through dietary changes and physical activities if you are overweight.
  4. If vaginal dryness is a problem, personal lubricants, which are available over the counter at any drugstore, might be useful.
  5. If decreased sensation is a problem, try to experiment with different ways of genital stimulation, for example, possibly using more pressure than you often do, or using an electronic vibrator. A bag of frozen peas can be helpful, since applying cold or heat to the genitals for a few minutes might increase sensitivity.
  6. Gauge your energy level. If you or your partner are too tired, sex won’t be getting any better. Some couples deal with this issue by rescheduling sex for morning routine or for whatever time they are more likely to have energy.
  7. Get in the mood. You might need some time to get in the right mood, for example, try to relax or talk, dress up, go somewhere special, or watch a sexy video. Many people can’t go directly from work, chores, or taking care of others to sexual activity.
  8. Relationship problems can mess up the desire to have sex, therefore, you may need to be addressed before mutually enjoyable sexual activity takes place.
  9. Empty your bladder before making love, this will reduce the likelihood of urinary incontinence.
  10. Try to have a look at something other than intercourse. If intercourse is not possible or pleasurable, find other ways of enjoying your body which also give pleasure.

Having a satisfying sex life can increase your quality of life, thus make you feel less stressed, and serve as a motivator to take care of yourself and your diabetes.

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