Signs Your Child May Suffer from Mental Health


Children can develop the same mental health conditions as adults, but their symptoms can be hard for parents to notice. Therefore, many children who suffer from mental health can’t get the proper treatment. As a parent, you should know the warning signs of mental illness in children to help them get over it in time.

The expression of a child with mental illness may differ from the adult with the same health condition. For example, children with depression will act more irritability than depressed adults, who usually feel sadder.

Some mental health illness that children usually experience

Anxiety. Children with anxiety disorders react to certain situations such as fear and dread, as well as nervousness.

Disruptive behavior disorders. Children with these disorders tend to break the rules and have antisocial behaviors in structured environments, such as school.

Pervasive development disorders is a condition when a child is confused in thinking and generally unable to understand the world around.

Children with eating disorders may have some unusual behaviors such as intense emotions when they are forced to eat.

Affective (mood) disorders. Children with these disorders feel sad most of the time, their moods change rapidly.

The serious disorder that related to distorted perceptions and thoughts is called Schizophrenia. This disorder is also a serious health condition when a child performs repeated, sudden, and often meaningless movements.

Warning signs of mental illness in children

Warning signs that your child may suffer a mental health condition include:

Changing in mood. Look for feelings of sadness that not just on a bad day but last for many weeks later. Maybe there are severe mood swings in a child that cause problems in relationships at home or school. Behavior changes are also a notice sign of mental illness in children. These include rapid changes in personality, a reaction, such as fighting frequently or desiring to hurt someone badly.

Easily become anxious. A child with anxiety disorders can be overwhelming for no reason. Parents can look for a racing heartbeat or fast breathing when a child are worried that intense enough to interfere with daily activities.

Find it difficult to concentrate. A child may have a bad performance in school because of troubles with understanding the words or focusing the lessons.

 Unexplained weight loss. A sudden loss of appetite, frequent vomiting or use of laxatives might indicate an eating disorder. Children with mental illness may have some physical problems. Unexplained weight loss or having problems with eating are also warning signs. The reaction of children with a mental illness may differ from the adults, as children with a mental health condition may develop headaches and stomachaches rather than sadness or anxiety. Some children can deliberately harm their own body, which also called self-harm. They like to cut or burn themselves, or have suicidal thought and want to suicide.

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