How to Manage Effects of Chemo When Treating Ovarian Cancer


It is true that you are told to prepare for side effects if you have to go through chemotherapy as a treatment for your ovarian cancer. In some cases, side effects can cause you stress and make you lose your self-confidence. You cannot avoid chemotherapy side effects when treating ovarian cancer, but you can do some things to partly manage them.

What are side effects of using medications?

Perhaps chemotherapy is a required treatment for ovarian cancer, but using medications for a long time can cause you some side effects. Symptoms that you may experience can be nausea, vomiting, fatigue, temporary or permanent menopause, hair loss, loss of appetite, mouth sores, infections, etc.

On the other hand, medications can interrupt your body’s ability to produce cells in the bone marrow, leading to the decrease of your blood cell. Some types of cells can make you feel very tired and more prone to infection, such as colds.

How to manage sides effect of chemo

Loss hair

Hair loss is a common phenomenon if you are to choose chemotherapy for your ovarian cancer. After treatment, the hair will grow back, but there may be some differences in color and texture compared to the original.

Nausea and vomiting

Not all ovarian cancer patients experience nausea and vomiting. But if you get these symptoms, the level you suffer may be different for each person, and it also depends on the type of drugs you use. It can last from a few hours to a few days or longer. To control them, you should combine using anti-anxiety drugs, anti-nausea drugs with complementary medical techniques, such as meditation or relaxation training to benefit effectiveness. It is also important to eat and drink slowly after vomiting and stay hydrated.  On your diet, you should also avoid greasy high-fat foods. Besides, you need to take rest to avoid nausea and vomiting after your meal.

Poor appetite

Chemotherapy for your ovarian cancer can make you have a poor appetite. This is not good for your health, because your body needs to be supplemented with more nutrients after treatment. You can deal with this side effect by eating foods which are rich in protein. You should follow the healthy diet recommended by doctors and eat smaller meals too.


It is true that you lose a lot of energy for chemotherapy, which results in causing fatigue and discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways for you to help reduce fatigue. If you feel tired, a nap or a break is helpful. You should consider some activities such as walking or gentle yoga, as well as doing exercise to improve your health. If needed, you should ask your doctor to choose the best exercise for you.

Mouth and lip sores

The healthy lining of your mouth, throat and tongue may be affected by chemo drugs and that leads to difficulty swallowing. Moreover, irritated and dry mouth can cause you poor appetite. To protect your mouth and lip sores, you should keep your mouth moist by drinking lots of water. You can also avoid injuring your mouth by using a soft toothbrush. Do not eat too much spicy and harsh foods that can be irritating to your mouth.

Besides what your doctor may do to prevent or lessen your side effects caused by chemotherapy for treating your ovarian cancer, you can also manage them by adjusting your schedule and lifestyle. It helps you to go through treatment time easier.

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