When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you may feel afraid that the disease and its treatment can affect your health, your image, especially your intimate relationships such as sex, or intimacy. You cannot find the suitable support, or you are too shy to ask? This article is for you. Let’s see what will happen and how you can cope with the problems.

Breast cancer affects your intimate relationships

When you have breast cancer, you will have some changes in your body, such as pain in the nipples, swelling in the breast, redness in the breast skin, or abnormal breast discharge.

Treatments for breast cancer can also have some side effects on your physical and mental health; as well as you intimate relationship. They include:

  • Change in the appearance;
  • Pain and numbness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Menopausal symptoms;
  • Vaginal dryness.

How your partner may react with your breast cancer?

If you have a partner, breast cancer can also affect him. Some people continue their lives without any change. They do not change the way they love you. Some people may take on a more protective role. They will do everything to protect you, to prevent you from getting stress, or hurting. Sex or intimacy may not be demanded. They may love you more than before you have the disease.

Some people need time to get used to the fact that their partners have breast cancer. Some can overcome and resume the intimate relationships, some may give up. It is normal, you should not let it destroy your life. Your main mission is to fight against your cancer.

As the changes in your physical, mental, and emotional health may affect your intimacy; you should seek help if you want to resume your intimate relationships. Do not be shy, everyone has to face some embarrassing moments in life. And intimate problems related to breast cancer are not considered embarrassing.

Creating the feelings

The question is: “Will you want to sex again?”. You may be painful, scared butthis will not last long. Remember that, after breast cancer treatment, there may be times that sex is not possible. You and your partner can use these times to help each other find other ways to reach sexual pressure. Some other intimate actions such as kissing, touching, or stroking can be pleasurable. Even sitting on the couch talking about daily activities can create intimacy. Do not narrow the means of sexual activities.

Do not only think about breasts. Other parts of the body can be sexy, such as ears, hands, neck.

Talking with your partner

Talking is always important to maintain intimate relationships. Some people cannot understand what their partners feel. Or they do not want to have sex at all because of the thinking that sex can hurt you. Talk to your partner about what you feel, what you are and what you are not willing to try while having sex. Sharing the feelings can help you two understand each other.

When you are too tired, ask them to be more active. If you feel pain in some part of your body, you can also guide their touches to avoid discomfort.

If talking is too difficult, a counselor may help.

Intimate relationships are parts of your life. You may need them to complete emotional, physical, and mental experiences. You may feel it hard to find your intimacy when you have breast cancer. However, you and your partner can find out the way to please each other. Do not worry.

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