Love, family, and sex are important parts of human life. For women with breast cancer, it may be hard to start or resume life with dating, let alone marriage. However, you may not know that as a breast cancer patient, you can live and deserve a normal life. Just some small changes are needed.

Will breast cancer affect marriage?

Married people may be more likely to survive breast cancer

Studies have shown that women who are married may fight breast cancer better than who are single. This can be explained: you have your family, and your loved ones will provide you with emotional support. Emotional support is a big booster if you are struggling with the incurable disease.
Your spouse can go with you to your medical appointments, take notes, remind you about what you should notice, and arrange a healthy life for you. They can also help you with the housework, such as cooking, going to the market, or taking care of your children. You are not alone in the fight against breast cancer.

You may have no marriage

However, you should understand that not everyone can join the battle with you. If you are married, you may face crisis or even divorce. It may be because your relationship is not strong. Plus, if you are single, it may be hard to get your own family.
You have to accept these situations, but do not lose your motivation for life. You have other things to care about, your parents, your children, your friends, your jobs, and other interests.

Dating for breast cancer patients

Dating is interesting; however, if you have breast cancer, you may wonder if you should accept any invitation. These useful tips may help you.

Love yourself

When you have breast cancer, you may lose self-confidence because of your appearance and your health condition. Do not even care what people think about how you look; love what you have right now! If you do not love yourself, no one can love you.

Be honest

Start with telling about yourself, then about your condition. If you recognize no sign of acceptance, make that person one of your friends. In case both of you want to have a serious relationship, deepen in your breast cancer so that your partner will understand you and what you are going through.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

Imagine you are dating with a person with cancer, will you still love them even when you know their health condition? Any decision has its own reason, and you will have probably got as you answer your own question.

Do not be negative

Eventually, if you have no one to be with you on this journey, be an optimist! You have tons of fun things in life, your beloved family, friends, and colleagues. Your real life continues, and remember that you only live once.
When you have breast cancer, not only your health condition but also your emotional life changes. Your marriage may seem stronger than you think as you find support from your loved ones. But if your marriage falls, or you cannot find a suitable partner for dating, it is not important. You can resume your normal life in many other ways.

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