Breast cancer treatment process also involves care and support after surgery and radiotherapy. Once your wife has breast cancer, apart from taking care of her during hospitalization, you should also offer help after she recovers. If you do not know how to give your wife support, this article will help.

Doing the housework

After breast cancer, as too tired your wife may be that she may be unable to complete some or daily tasks. However, this situation lasts a short time. You can help by doing the housework such as cooking meals, cleaning up, doing the washing, and shopping. You can also look after your children, drive and pick them up from school. So many things you can do, but do not let her think that she is helpless. She did lots of them, even more than you can imagine.


Learning to listen is important. Listening helps you understand what is going on with her, how she feels, what she needs. You wife is not alone; she has got you in the fight against breast cancer. Hence, she can overcome the disease more easily. However, it may be distressing to listen to your wife while she is feeling upset and low. You can try to find out the problems with your wife and turn the conversation into something more positive.

Taking her to appointments

After breast cancer, your wife needs to go to the hospital for periodic check-ups. You should go with her. You can provide the doctor with the information about your wife’s condition and how she takes care of herself. You can also discuss with the doctor about the treatment result.
Some women feel anxious and scared of going to the hospital after breast cancer treatment. They are afraid if their conditions get worse. Your encouragement may be helpful if your wife is one of those.
When you go with her, take notes of things your wife needs to notice and remind her when it is needed.

Arranging a healthy life

You can give support by arranging a healthy life for your wife to prevent the side effects and recurrence.
  • Healthy meals. A healthy nutrient-rich diet is an important part of treatment for breast cancer. Eating right can help your wife feel better and stay stronger. Some foods can promote the effects of treatment method and reduce side effects such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Exercises. Proper exercises can help improve your wife’s physical function and life quality. However, she should not exercise when she has a low red blood cell count or unstable levels of minerals (sodium, potassium) in her blood. Any exercise should be consulted with her doctor.
  • Poor routines. A poor routine such as staying up late, smoking, or using alcohol should be avoided.
You should act like your wife’s guide and remind her when she is absent-minded. This may create her great motivation.

Resuming sex life

You may think having sex hurts your wife, and you do not want her to be hurt. But making love can help prove that you still want her and she is still sexy. However, resuming sex life may be difficult after breast cancer. Here are some tips that can help you:
  • Learn about the effects of sex on your wife’s health. Ask a doctor, nurse, or any member of the healthcare team. They can provide you with the information you need.
  • Find other pleasures. Some people think that only sex can help them reach orgasm. After breast cancer, you and your wife will go through sometimes when sex is impossible. Try kissing, hugging, cuddling, touching, or stroking.
  • Have an open talk with your wife. Talk to her about what you want and ask her about what she wants and not want to do during sexual activities. You two can find the way to please each other.
  • Proper supports. Some proper supports can help, such as vaginal moisturizers, lubricants.
After breast cancer, your wife is still vulnerable to emotional, physical, and even mental problems. And you, her loved one and closest partner, can give her support. Be open and positive, you two can find the way to stay healthy and happy.
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