2 Foods to Avoid When You Have Autism


Eating when you have medical problems becomes more important as certain types of foods can worsen your condition. If you have autism, it is time to think about foods that you should and should not eat. Let’s see which of them may impact your health.

Foods containing gluten and casein

Autism (or autism spectrum disorder – ASD) is a developmental disorder of the brain. People with autism have trouble communicating and interacting with others. To reduce the symptoms of autism, a specialized diet can be considered.

There is a theory that people with autism are allergic or highly sensitive to foods containing gluten and casein. When they eat foods containing gluten and casein, they process peptides and proteins differently than other people without autism do. And this difference can worsen symptoms of autism. Their brains think that these proteins are false opiate-like chemicals. And the response to these chemicals can change the people’s behavior. And experts have found abnormal levels of peptides in the body’s fluids of some people who live with autism.


Gluten can be found in the seeds of grains such as wheat and barley. Bread, pretzels, cake, pasta usually contain gluten. It may be difficult to cut out gluten, but you can check the labels to find ‘gluten-free’ products.


Casein can be found in foods containing lactose. However, even foods that are labeled ‘dairy-free’ or ‘lactose-free’ may contain casein. Unfortunately, dairy products (that contain lactose) are good sources of vitamin D and calcium. So you need to find other foods to make sure you have proper calcium and vitamin D intake.

Soy and soy products

Soy and soy products may be genetically modified and they may cause food allergy. And this can exacerbate your autism.

In addition, there is a relationship between the use of soy-based formula and seizures in children with autism. This means if you are fed infant products containing soy protein, you may be more likely to experience seizures (if you have autism). Seizures are changes in behavior caused by episodes of abnormal electrical activity of the brain.

Soy can be found in soy sauce, soy oil, tofu, soy milk.

Although you may think that autism is a problem of the brain that affects your ability to communicate and things like foods you eat cannot affect your condition. The fact is that certain foods can worsen your symptoms. In this case, stay away from gluten, casein and soy.

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