When to Use Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Anesthesia


Peripheral nerve blocks are a kind of regional anesthesia that plays an important role in cases of severe and prolonged surgery. Anesthetic is injected at a major nerve or nerve bundle to prevent completely the pain of a specific area such as arms or legs. The effects of nerve blocks anesthesia usually last more than local anesthesia.

Regional anesthesia is the same as other types of anesthesia, so they should be used carefully and in accordance with your type of surgery. If you do not have any problems in using regional anesthesia, you can use regional anesthesia during surgery the following categories.


Gastrointestinal (stomach, liver or intestine): For this type of surgery, spinal or paravertebral nerve blocks can cause numbness and relieve the pain for the region colon, stomach, liver or intestines.

Gynecology (reproductive organ of female): The pelvic surgery, caesarean areas, and other areas will need to maternity regional anesthesia for pain relief for women.

Ophthalmology (eye): The eye areas focus mostly on peripheral nerves, so reducing pain in the muscles anesthesia is necessary.

Orthopedics (bone and joint): Depending on the type of bone-surgical anesthesia that position changes. But the bones are more concentrated areas of nerve and very difficult to topical anesthesia.

Thoracic surgery (chest): Regional anesthesia in the intercostal nerve bundle and catheter use in this type of surgery will help minimize pain for the entire thoracic and esophageal tube inside.

Urology (kidney, prostate, and bladder): Similarly gastrointestinal surgery, urinary glands, prostate regions had regional anesthesia need to perform complicated surgeries.

Vascular surgery (blood vessel): Regional anesthesia nerve bundle in the cervix will have analgesic effects in carotid surgery. For vascular surgery in the abdominal aorta or lower areas will also need to catheters and anesthesia of peripheral nerve bundle.

Just as other types of anesthesia, peripheral nerve blocks anesthesia carries a potential risk and other benefits. All surgeries are needed to be considered and careful diagnosis with your doctor before you decide which type of anesthesia for the surgical procedure.

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