Neti Pots for Nasal Irrigation


Sometimes, allergic reactions can be as mild as sneezing and your nose gets stuffed really badly that makes it hard to breathe. In these cases, people often refer to nasal irrigation, maybe with neti pots, to deal with the problem.

What is nasal irrigation?

Nasal irrigation is a method that helps wash out whatever inside the nose while it is stuffed using saltwater. The idea is that with nasal irritation, you are able to breathe normally again after flushing out what troubles your nasal cavities. We are greatly exposed to dust, dirt, bacteria, or viruses which are held back by our nose hair called cilia. Nasal irrigation is useful when it comes to taking those unwelcome substances out without touching your inner nose frequently which may further cause unnecessary problems.

How to use it?

What you need is a container, in this case, it is a neti pot, and saline solution. Neti pot is a device use to clean your nasal cavities by pouring water into the nose. It looks like a mini version of watering pot used to water plants. You can find all these things at a drugstore. With the saline solution, before using, you need to prepare by mixing it with warm boiled water to prevent infection.

That is the preparation. Next thing is to position yourself right. Slightly lean your head over the sink for around 45 degrees with one nostril looking down the sink. Next, place the spout of the neti pot inside your nose and tilt the pot so that water will come out.  Breathe with your mouth open.

You need to be careful because the water will be passing from the other nostril of yours, as well as your mouth. Try to spit it out when it comes to your mouth. Basically, you just let it drain. When you are finished, blow your nose to get rid of the remaining substance. And then, repeat with the other nostril. Pour away the water when you are done with it and keep the container clean and dry.

There might be some minor problems when conducting nasal irrigation. If the water burns or stings you, there may be lots of salt in the saline solution and you should lessen the amount of salt.

After about one or two minutes with nasal irrigation, you may feel the difference. The result is quite tangible as the more it gets better, the more you do it. Generally, people wash their nose once a day to clear out allergens. Some even say three times a week is enough for them to control their allergy.

Nasal irrigation is perfect for you if you have nasal allergies. It may help treat other conditions like sinus problems, colds, or even flu. Both adults and kids are beneficial when using nasal irrigation. However, if the ear infection is additionally what troubles you, then you should look for other ways. With the allergy, of course, the most effective way is to avoid allergens.

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