What to Know About Allergy Elimination Diet


Sometimes, you have a wonderful meal and the next day does not turn out to be fine with nauseating and stuff. Or, you don’t really have to wait to the next day for allergy reactions kick in. There are some of the times you need an elimination diet to figure what is wrong.

What is an elimination diet?

An elimination diet will help you pinpoint what food caused you the problem in the first place. You may need support from your doctor to make sure you are not lacking the essential nutrients once starting an elimination diet. There is one thing you should bear in mind that it is not recommended to conduct an elimination diet if you have anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction. This is because it may cause extreme reactions. Consult your doctor on this and try to find out what your trigger food is as soon as possible.

How does it work?

The first thing is to remove the suspicious food from your diet, the one that may be the cause of the allergy. People usually have allergic reactions to milk, eggs, nuts, wheat and maybe soy. Stop eating what you think is causing the symptoms. You should check the labels to know what is in the food. If you dine out, ask for how the chef makes the meals. It is best to have a list of what you eat to keep track of your diet.

Because you are avoiding allergens, it is important to provide your body the loss nutrients from the suspicious food. Consult a dietitian for more information.

An elimination diet takes some time  to achieve results. After a while, you can reintroduce some of the suspicious foods, but keep it slow, one at a time. This will help you know what exactly is causing the problem. Note in your diary the associated problems.

Then, still one at a time, you eliminate the problem foods. Remember to keep track with your diary to see if the symptoms subside or not.

You can still be having problems with some certain foods because you are sensitive to them, not because you are allergic. The elimination diet may help you know what to deal with this situation. Furthermore, now you know what food you should avoid.

The overall duration is about 2 to 4 weeks. After that, you will know your body better and formulate an appropriate diet. For safer and better result, it is recommended to carry out an elimination diet under the supervision of a doctor.

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