6 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors With Allergies


Being allergic is pretty annoying. You go out in the park, buy a cone of ice cream and don’t know that there are nuts inside. Then, the inevitable happens. Furthermore, there is no fixed cure for allergies due to its individuality. Different people have different kinds of allergy. However, 6 ways below may help you get a better idea of managing your allergy.

Understanding your allergy

As allergy ranges from people to people, it helps to know what triggers your reaction and carefully plan a way out from that. Learn what your allergens are and how to avoid them. Next, make sure what kinds of treatment are the most suitable under given circumstances, like outdoor activities.

Minimizing your allergy

Outdoor allergy is mostly caused by spores and pollen in the air. So, there are certain ways for you to try minimize your exposure to those things. You can check the pollen count in the weather forecast. If it is not available, you should wait until later in the day. Pollen and spores are at their peak in the morning and gradually decreased later after lunch. So planning an outing in the afternoon seems reasonable.

Exercise carefully

Strenuous activities can worsen your condition due to heavy breathing. When you are tired you tend to inhale more, which means more allergens are introduced into the body. And your allergies are getting worse. For example, if you like running, you can try running on the treadmill inside the house. Or, in case you love the fresh air, run in the evening.

Take a mask

it is better to be fully prepared for your allergies whenever you can. When going outside, you should wear a mask. It can prevent allergen from entering your body. So that the annoying reactions will not have any chance to ruin your outing.

Take medications

Frequent sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy nose can be cured particularly by medications. They commonly come as tablets and capsules. With nasal problems, we have nasal sprays like fluticasone. Consistency on medicine is recommended for the best outcome.

It’s doctor time

When all precautions are taken and none of them has yielded any effects, seeing your doctor seems the most appropriate solution.

Overall, it is always good to go outside. because, fresh air always make us feel relaxed. With some precautions above, it may be possible for you to go out and see the world like everyone else. However, do not blame yourself for not being able to do such if the unfortunate things happens. There are other ways to help you stroll along the park under the moonlight. Allergy is annoying, but fighting it with the positive is always better

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