How to Prevent Irritation to Your Acne-Prone Skin


When you have an acne-prone skin, it is important to manage acne, find the best skin care option products that don’t irritate your sensitive skin. Here are some recommendations that help you prevent your acne-prone skin from getting worse.

What is the best kind of skin care products?

When your skin is acne-prone, you should carefully choose skincare products. These products can be found in the drug stores or at the markets. You may have to talk to your doctor about what types of products that are suitable for your skin. These following are some general tips.


Normal soaps can irritate your skin because the pH levels are high (8-10). These products are harmful to your skin, make them drier. Thus, the best option for you is soap-free of alcohol-free products, they have the similar pH levels to your skin (5.5).

Some types of cleansers can kill bacteria on the skin. They may be good for mild acne but can irritate your acne-prone skin, because your skin is more sensitive than others’ skins. You also should not wash your skin too much (wash for too long and too hard, wash too many times a day). This can irritate your skin even more by removing the essential oils that help your skin stay hydrated.

Just clean your skin gently two times a day with clean water and light cleanser. Do not use towels, use your hand. Acne may break out and leave scars on your skin.


Moisturizers always help in improving your skin. The drugs that you are using to treat your acne may make your skin drier, causing it more easily to get irritation. You should use oil-in-water emulsions or oil-free moisturizers. It contains anti-bacterial agents that designed for acne-prone of sensitive skin. Remember to avoid products that contain oil, cream or butter.

Makeup products

If you want to or have to wear make-up, you should choose an oil-free foundation. Do not use too much makeup. Be carefully when choosing make-up products, they can irritate your sensitive skin and make acne get worse.

Shaving for acne-prone skin

Many men have to experience acne. The question is, how to shave their face when having an acne-prone skin. Shaving the wrong way can irritate their skins. Shaving after the hot shower with shaving foam or gel and multiple-blade razor can help.

Sunlight and UV light

Many people sunlight and UV light can help improve their acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, exposing your acne-prone skin to sunlight can irritate and damage your skin. Thus, remember to use sunscreen every day if you have to be exposed to sunlight such as go under the sun or sit next to the window. Sunscreen should be oil-free.

Acne-prone skin is more sensitive than other skins. Many things can irritate your skin and damage it. You should carefully choose the skincare products to avoid unwanted irritation. If your condition is severe, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist to take care of your skin the right way.

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