Managing Food Allergies at College Part 2

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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If you are away from home to college or studying abroad, you may probably find it difficult to eat so as to ensure the safety of food without allergens. Thus, you need to prepare a number of things to control food allergies in college. Besides you also need to pay attention to factors when eating at school and dormitory.

Advance exchange with dorm management

If you plan to live in the dormitory, you will need the generous support of the management department. The demand for student accommodation can vary. So you should think about any accommodation facilities that you will need in the near future (if any). Here are some questions you need to consider to be able to review your needs while in the dorm.

  • Does the school have the adequate supply of housing facilities that you need?
  • Is your boarding mentor trained about food allergies, these signs of an allergic reaction, emergency procedures?
  • Did your school instruct to other students in a dormitory on the symptoms and how to treat the allergic reaction?
  • How to meet the demands of your food at special events such as student orientation or holidays in the dorm?

The important thing to remember is that the answers to some of these questions and your request may not be as you expect. Let’s have a prevention plan in place and be prepared to exercise and protect yourself.

Full implementation of your responsibilities at the university

Besides the supporting role of the school, you should also have the responsibility for the place you are in and with yourself. Before your first semester begins, you should:

  • Notify of food allergies with kitchen department, housing, health care as soon as possible.. The more your school understand your needs, the more they can prepare better for you.
  • Understand the rules of the school. The school may have a list of the responsibilities of the students that they expect you to fully implement to ensure your safety.
  • Start planning medical care as soon as possible. Which doctor will you visit? How do you remember the date of expiry of drugs and how to buy drugs? Which drugstore will you arrive at?
  • Know the emergency response plan in accommodations, dining halls and around campus. You need to have an emergency plan of care. And you should ensure that such plans are discussed with all school staff, including staff in the cafeteria, medical room, and your boarding mentor.
  • Seeking for support is a good idea. You should find the group of students with food allergies to support each other.

If you are 18 years old or over, consider the responsibility of health care to a person who you trust, this will give them the ability to provide and gather information about your health and make medical decisions.

  • When you are out of the campus, have the best protection for your health and safety . There are some things you should do.
  • Carry epinephrine auto-injector, inhaler and any public emergency medicine with you at all times. The accident was unforeseeable, but you must have the plan to deal with them.
  • Please keep in touch with members of the school staff relevant to your needs. Remember to thank for their efforts and encouragement for you when they do a good job. If you have any problems, please contact them immediately.
  • Be prepared to call the restaurant or food supplies, ensure they can meet the needs of your allergies.

Finally, the university is really a time for new experiences. Therefore, be wise and plan ahead for in the places you will go, the social events you can attend without risking the safety of yourself. And thanks for the support of the management department dormitory and school.

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