How to Treat Gestational Diabetes for Pregnant Women

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Gestational diabetes is a common disease in pregnant women. Unlike other forms of diabetes, gestational diabetes will go away soon after birth. However, if patients don’t  have the proper treatment, the health of both the mother and the baby will be seriously affected.

Gestational diabetes, also known as type 3 diabetes occurs only during pregnancy.

Diabetes can adversely affect the health of both mother and fetus if it is not detected and controlled. The pregnant woman has more risk of pre-eclampsia, infection, postpartum hemorrhage, miscarriage. Treating gestational diabetes is extremely necessary to keep the fetus healthy and avoid complications during birth. Here are some ways that mothers may elect to apply.

Regularly monitor your blood sugar

For pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes, the doctor will check the blood sugar from 4-5 times per day, usually in the morning and after meals. Also, the doctor will proceed to take blood from the finger with a small needle. Typically, the empty stomach glycemic index is <5,8mmol / l, 1 hour after meals blood glucose is 7,8mmol / l and 2-hour after meals <7,2mmol / l. If the mothers have higher blood sugar levels of these indicators, they may have gestational diabetes. Check your blood sugar will help pregnant mothers know their blood sugar index and get the appropriate treatment plan.

Scientific diet

A diet full of nutrition is one of the best ways to control blood sugar. Pregnant women should limit eating foods which have a high level of sugar and carbohydrates. Instead, the mothers should eat a variety of food such as starch, iron, vitamins, and low-fat foods. Eat three small meals and one to three snacks a day. Pregnant women should also eat plenty of fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grain rice, cereals, bread. An obese pregnant mother who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes should start with diet is 30 kcal /kg /day.

Treatment with insulin

Insulin is a hormone used to treat diabetes by controlling blood sugar. If diet and exercise are not enough to balance the blood sugar, the pregnant woman will be injected insulin so that the amount of glucose in the blood return to a safe level. About 15 % of pregnant women treated diabetes need insulin to achieve blood glucose levels continuously secure. For some women, certain types of medications such as glyburide are also an option.

Exercises and physical activities

Exercise will help lower blood sugar levels by transporting sugar to the cells and using it for energy. Practicing exercise also increases the sensitivity to insulin, which means that the body needs less insulin to transport sugar to the cells. In addition, exercise also helps limit some discomfort during pregnancy such as back pain, cramps, etc. The mother should choose the gentle exercise such as walking, aerobics, cycling, swimming, etc and avoid overtraining.

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