What is bloating?

Bloating is a condition in which your stomach becomes uncomfortably hard. You may feel there is something in your belly or it may growl. However, bloating is not a serious disease, you just need to take care of your stomach in the right way.

How common is bloating?

This health condition is extremely common. It can affect patients at any age. It can be managed by reducing your risk factors. Please discuss with your doctor for further information.


What are the symptoms of bloating?

The first thing is that your stomach will be uncomfortable. It grows, sometimes it grows so bad that you feel like you are having a baby. Anyway, if it’s just bloating alone, things can be normal again with some changes in your diet.

However, you may experience something else other than bloating if bloating comes with some other symptoms such as:

When should I see my doctor?

If you have any signs or symptoms listed above or have any questions, please consult with your doctor. Everyone’s body acts differently. It is always best to discuss with your doctor what is best for your situation.


What are the causes of bloating?

Bloating can come from many reasons that you may not notice:

  • Overeating is one of the most common reasons why you’re experiencing bloating. Forcing your stomach to digest too much food at once, especially when your body is not used to such a challenge, definitely, will guarantee some hard times for your belly.
  • Eating too fast can be a problem for our digestive system because we need time to digest and shoveling food down to our bellies.
  • Another cause for bloating is gassiness. There is the air that we inhale and the air that bacteria produce to digest food in our stomach. If this air is not moved efficiently, then we have the bloating.
  • Other than these common problems, bloating may occasionally signify some serious health problems. However, they are usually accompanied by other symptoms.

Risk factors

What increases my risk for bloating?

Almost anyone with an unhealthy eating habit can be at risk of bloating. Sometimes, when you feel under the weather, you may even be bloated. Technically, bloating alone is just a digestive problem.

Diagnosis & treatment

The information provided is not a substitute for any medical advice. ALWAYS consult with your doctor for more information.

How is bloating diagnosed?

Usually, your doctor may require some exams to indicate the cause, if you have other symptoms that go along with bloating. An ultrasound or a bowel examination may be needed. Because of the rarity of worse bloating complications, the diagnosis will depend on the circumstances.

How is bloating treated?

Normal bloating can be easily treated with some changes in your diet. Control your eating, reduce the amount of fat consumption and eat slowly will ease your bloating problems.

Also, the treatments of bloating with other symptoms will depend on what symptoms that you have.

Lifestyle changes & home remedies

What are some lifestyle changes or home remedies that can help me manage bloating?

Mostly, a healthy lifestyle, try to exercise, and eat healthily will be an ideal key to solving your bloating.

If you have any questions, please consult with your doctor to better understand the best solution for you.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnose or treatment.


Review Date: November 25, 2016 | Last Modified: December 22, 2018

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