Child Care, Parenting
How to Breastfeeding while Fasting for Ramadan
In Muslim countries, women who are breastfeeding are exempt from fasting. However, some healthy women still can do that while breastfeeding.
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dangerous games
Parenting Tips, Parenting
Dangerous Games Parents Must Know About
The more your kids grow up, the looser you control over their life becomes. Now, your children can play in a group of friends, enjoying their time together.
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Mother Care, Pregnancy
The Malaysian Way to Postpartum Nutrition
Providing a mother with sufficient nutrition after birth is very important as it helps revive her body as well as assists her in recovering after labor.
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Child Care, Parenting, Breastfeeding
How to Breastfeed Exclusively for 6 Months
WHO advises women to breastfeed their babies exclusively for six months in order for their children to achieve the best growth, health, and development.
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nafsu seks
Sex & Relationships, Healthy Living
A Woman’s Guide to Reviving Sex Drive
Mood swings, stress or anxiety about appearance can lead women to lose an interest in sex. However, there are methods to reviving sex drive!
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Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy
Tokophobia: An Irrational Fear of Pregnancy
Some women have an especially fearful thought of pregnancy or childbirth, which can affect their normal life’s quality and their ability to have a child.
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