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Why Chain-smoking After Iftar Is Far More Damaging Than You Think
Ramadan is widely known as a month of fasting for Muslims all over the world. This is the month where all the believers come together, restraining themselves from any kind of consumption from dawn until sunset ...
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Smoking is a Major Risk Factor for Most Lifestyle Related Diseases
Smoking or tobacco use is a never-ending topic with increasing prevalence among adolescents. Statistics by the Ministry of Health, Government of Malaysia indicate that smoking is the main risk factor for chronic ...
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Wax Treatment Gone Wrong: How Do I Treat My Skin?
Waxing is one of the ways of removing undesired growing hairs instead of shaving. Preparedness of waxing routine starts from before, during and after waxing to thwart any unwanted effects of waxing towards the body ...
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Health Tips, Healthy Living, Beauty
How Should I Moisturize My Feet?
Dry and cracked skin on our feet is a common problem and it includes athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), leg vein complications (venous stasis), psoriasis and skin rashes. There are 6 common issues why we are having ...
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5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated While Using Air Conditioner
The adaption of the air conditioner is such a convenience during summer but exposing yourself in air conditioning rooms or places for a long period may cause dryness and dehydrated skin. When the water percentage ...
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Stiff Neck at the Office? 7 Tips to Adjust Your Workstation
By sitting most of the day during working hours can be hurtful to your neck. There are points of why neck pain constantly occurred and this includes; postural strain, your desk arrangement, monitor setup, proper ...
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