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Healthy Living, Psychology
5 Biggest Health Dangers Facing College Freshmen
Entering college is an exciting experience. It also come along with more trouble, difficulties and even health dangers. Here are those health dangers.
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5 Most Common Drugs in Malaysia and Their Effects on the Body healthy living helldoktor health tips
Health Tips, Healthy Living
5 Most Common Drugs in Malaysia and Their Effects on the Body
You must have taken at least one type of drug in your whole life. What are the most common drugs in your country – Malaysia?
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Healthy Living, Beauty
Running Into the Sun: Risk of Skin Cancer
Without protection, in a long period of time, UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. So what can we do to protect our skin against harmful sun rays?
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Quit Smoking, Healthy Living
5 Steps to Quit Smoking
Smoking is harmful, both for smokers and other people. However, due to the addiction, smokers find it hard to quit smoking, even if they wish to.
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batu karang
Nutrition, Healthy Living
3 Foods That Often Cause Kidney Stones
Pain from kidney stones can be unbearable and comes in waves. Unfortunately, your diet can trigger the problem.
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Vegetable Protein Vs. Animal Protein HelloDoktor Nutrition
Nutrition, Healthy Living
Vegetable Protein Vs. Animal Protein
While vegetable protein proposes only benefits, animal protein offers both detrimental effects as well as good effects. So which one is better?
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